About the Inventory Project

In 2007, the Government Accountability Office reported that the Pentagon was unable to
track about 30% of the weapons it had distributed in Iraq over the three previous years. It is
estimated that during this time, 110,000 AK-47 rifles and 80,000 Glock pistols went missing.

Inventory is an attempt to make the abstraction of these actions more tangible. Through
collaborative reenactment, Inventory both mimics and revises the course these weapons
may have actually taken. With the financial support of many donors contributing through Kickstarter,
I produced 190,000 individually-numbered records for these
weapons which will be exhibited in various locations. Inventory is a participatory project, and
visitors are encouraged to take a selection of these cards from the gallery wall to keep or pass
on to others. Participants possessing an inventory card are invited to record its location on
this page so collectively we can track its whereabouts.

To participate in the project you can request cards by sending your name & address to