AC - 130 Gunship (WMD 7 ), 20 12 , gunpowder & graphite on paper, 60” x 60 ”

Aerial Combat

Drawings of fighter planes and unmanned aerial vehicles refer to our nation’s armed conflicts in which drones have frequently come to replace combat troops as agents of war. The use of drones by the United States has posed a profound moral questions and has changed our understanding of what war looks like in the twenty-first century. Targeted killings, conducted by operators manipulating joysticks thousands of miles away from the “battlefield”, are now easier and more frequent. In addition to those killed, what is the actual human impact on all involved – on foreign populations threatened by unseen weapons and on American citizens further and further removed from the consequences of armed conflict?

Predator (WMD 6 ), 20 11 , gunpowder & graphite on paper, 60” x 60”