Inventory 2011 – ongoing, 190,000 offset printed cards (recto/verso) 6” x 4” each, steel brads, installation dimension variable

Inventory (2011-ongoing) catalogs, displays, and disperses images 190,000 weapons gone missing in Iraq. With the help of Kicker-starter and many supporters, I produced inventory card for 110,000 AK-47 assault rifles and 80,000 Glock 19 pistols for this installation which I have been displaying in various location. Inventory is participatory: visitor are invited to take a selection of card to keep or pass along to other, possibly mimicking the long path taken by the actual weapon. The face of each card has a printed image of one weapon derived from an original gunpowder drawing. The back of each contains information about the item, including a unique number, and space to record its provenance. Exhibited in various quantities and configurations, participating visitors are asked to record the current location of the “weapon” in the log book on site or by emailing the information to By registering the cards participants also document their awareness of this convoluted situation.

Scroll through the maps here to view the location of Inventory cards circulating worldwide. To participate in the project you can request cards by sending your name and address to