One to One Installation 2015 - 2017, Site specific installation, four 6’ x 4’ x 7’ hardwood structures with embroidered & beaded fabric, woven newspaper, steel rods, pins, slate, chalk, printed & embroidered Tyvek, video projection, fabric, scrim, LED lights, woven vintage gauze, shredded newspaper

One to One, 2013, made in collaboration with women in Afghanistan, consist of four built structures. Fragile, delicate yet stable, these wood constructions refer to the framework for progress that women’s education can provide. The armatures are embellished with a variety of materials including woven paper floor mats, a wall sized embroidered sampler in Dari, video portraits of Afghan structure, covered fully with layered fabric, is filled with small LED lights visible through the semi-opaque shell suggesting hidden promise within. Another is draped with woven gauze bandaging, its floor filled with with shredded newspaper articles describing actions

One to One Collaborators